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Archer C7 Serial Port Mod

The Archer C7 is kind of sluggish out of the box, but with OpenWRT installed it is considerably better. I was concerned about doing this without a "back-door" to assist in the project. After all who wants a bricked router!

I found that hardest part of the project was getting the cover off the Archer. After removing the 4 screws at the bottom you need something like a carpet knife or thin steel blade to get the four corners to release. Just take your time and you can do it without harming the case.

Connections are pretty easy to map, which are RX, TX and GND as show below:

Just solder in a header and connect it to a FTDI adapter:

While I had the hood up I thought I would solder the JTAG header in as well:

Once the solding work is done, just cut a small slot at the back of the case for the mini USB port of your FTDI adapter so you can connect it with the cover on. I hot glued the FTDI adapter to the top of the existing USB ports on the Archer. Be careful not to have any of the pins at the bottom of the FTDI adapter short out on the top of the Archer USB ports. A reasonable layer of hot glue between prevents that from happening:

As a final note you need to set your terminal emulator to 115200 baud, 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit and you now can view and modify the Archer as root!